Gerber Innovates to Meet Personalization and the Need for Speed Challenges with AccuMark® Version 12 Launch

AccuMark Integrates Data from Design Through Manufacturing

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Personalization, convenience and value: online and offline shoppers want it all. They expect brands and retailers to understand their needs and deliver new styles and trends faster than ever before. “To survive and more importantly thrive in today’s markets, fashion players need to improve their agility, speed and connectivity,” said Mary McFadden, VP of CAD Product Management, Gerber Technology. “Our Version 12 AccuMark Platform release delivers on these demands from product design and development to 3D sampling through optimized production planning and manufacturing.”

格柏数字化解决方案助力Miguel Sousa时装提高产能达30%

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追赶消费趋势时,生产效率往往会决定一家时装公司的成败。Miguel Sousa服装公司位于葡萄牙巴塞罗斯,这里是全球重要的纺织和服装制造中心。自成立以来,公司一直与格柏科技保持合作关系。“与格柏科技合作一再证明是保证我们业务持续发展的最佳途径,”Miguel Sousa一位共同所有人说。“我们与格柏产品一起成长,我们非常看中格柏在葡萄牙当地团队提供的领先的以流程为导向的咨询服务,和格柏可靠的售后服务。”

Gerber Technology Solidifies its Market Leadership by Empowering Digitally Connected Supply Chains Critical in an On-Demand World

Highlights History of Data Integration, Addressing Industry 4.0 and Beyond at Texprocess Americas

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Big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, or Industry 4.0, they are the buzzwords in news headlines and industry forums every day and all around the world. At their core these trends are all focused on data integration and finding ways to effectively streamline operations to address an ever increasing on-demand world. “The simple fact is, no matter what buzzword you use, Gerber has been the first to actively support our customers in their pursuit of Industry 4.0 and the proof is in the actual working micro-factory we are displaying on the show floor with our partners,” said Scott Schinlever, president & chief operating officer, Automation Solutions at Gerber Technology.

Rebecca Minkoff to Deliver Keynote at Gerber Technology’s ideation 2018 Software Tech Conference

Miami Beach to Host Software Conference, October 3-5, 2018

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Gerber Technology is proud to announce that fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff will serve as guest speaker for ideation 2018. This year’s conference will be held in Miami Beach from October 3- 5.

Gerber Showcases On-Demand Workflow Solution at Texprocess and Transforms Speed-to-Market Manufacturing

Visit Us at Booth #1033 to See How to Go from Design to Production, and Concept to Consumer. Embrace Your Digital Reality!

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Gerber Technology, in collaboration with Kornit Digital and Henderson Sewing Machine Co., will highlight how digitalization can make purchase-activated manufacturing and mass customization a reality.