Gerber Continues Its Drive Toward Digitalization, Ketty Pillet Joins As Vice President of Global Marketing

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Digitalization is driving transformation in every aspect of business, especially in the ways we communicate. To drive innovation, leadership and strong customer relationships, Gerber Technology announced today, industry veteran, Ketty Pillet will join the company as vice president of Global Marketing to support the company’s aggressive product release schedule for 2019.

格柏公司任命 Scott Schinlever 为首席运营官以加强团队管理

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格柏科技宣布任命Scott  Schinlever  担任格柏公司自动化解决方案业务总裁兼首席运营官,以巩固格柏科技在提供技术解决方案领域的行业领先地位,同时帮助客户应对来自市场的机遇及挑战,实现效果最优化。

After Nearly 50 Years of Leadership, Gerber’s Sam Simpson Retires

Simpson will serve as consultant to the company

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It is rare today that a person spends their entire career servicing one industry. This is something people in the industry recognize of Sam Simpson who announced his plans to retire from Gerber. “When someone spends more than 47 years in an industry, it becomes a part of them,” stated Sam Simpson, vice president of global strategic accounts at Gerber.


Brandy Moore加入格柏任全球服务及零配件副总裁

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随着市场紧缩客户需求日益更新,加之竞争力加剧,高效率及团队运作,对于企业用户来说迫在眉睫。自格柏最初出售自动化解决方案和软件产品,格柏在领先技术服务方面一直享有盛誉。近期Brandy Moore加入格柏将帮助格柏持续实现客户的高期待。

格柏科技任命Mohit Uberoi为新任CEO;Mike Elia退休并加入董事会

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格柏科技,全球服装工业市场综合软硬件解决方案领导者,今天宣布任命Mohit Uberoi为新一任CEO。同时Mike Elia前CEO已正式退休,Elia将加入格柏科技董事会,担任领袖和顾问。